Doomed And Gloomed Weekly

Week 16

Greetings, doomers and gloomers

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Week 16 was a very busy one with 70 releases making it to this roundup. If you don't know what you should check out first you can start with The Demo by ACID THRONE, ii by DEATHCAVE, Tides by FREJA, Carrion Movements by NOVARUPTA and Cleansing Ritual by SATOR. To name a few, there are definitely several more must listens.

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ACID THRONE – The Demo[Doom/Stoner Metal]Spectral Hound Records

AIDAN BAKER – The Evelyn Tables[Ambient/Experimental]Cloudchamber Recordings

ANTIMELODIX – Танцы в горящем болоте[Crust/Punk]Black Terror Distro

ARCHGOAT – All Christianity Ends[Black Metal]Debemur Morti Productions

ARMORY – Mercurion[Speed Metal]Dying Victims Productions

AUDREY HORNE – Devil's Bell[Rock]Napalm Records

AUTOROCK – Unknown Movie[Industrial]

COMA HOLE – Coma Hole[Stoner/Doom Metal]

CONIFER BEARD – Action Hero[Heavy/Blues Rock]

CORPSESSED – Succumb to Rot[Death Metal]Dark Descent Records

DEATHCAVE – ii[Doom Metal]Satanik Royalty Records

DESECRESY – Unveil In The Abyss[Death Metal]Xtreem Music

DHIDALAH – Sensoria[Psych Rock]Guruguru Brain

DOMKRAFT/SLOMATICS – Ascend​/​Descend[Doom Metal/Psych]Majestic Mountain Records

EALDOR BEALU – Psychic Forms[Heavy/Psych Rock]Metal Assault Records

EDWARD KA-SPEL & MOTION KAPTURE – Anagramma[Electronic/Krautrock]Rustblade Records

EINVIGI – Yö Kulje Kanssani[Post/Black Metal]Einheit Produktionen

EXPERIENCIA TIBETANA – Vol II[Psych/Experimental Rock]

FALSE CHURCH – Dystopian Dissent[Hardcore]Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

FEARING – Desolate[Post Punk]

FER DE LANCE – The Hyperborean[Heavy/Doom Metal]Cruz Del Sur

FERAL LIGHT – Psychic Contortions[Black Metal]I, Voidhanger Records

FIELD OF FLAMES – Constructing A War Against You[Hardcore]Indecision Records

FILMMAKER – Fictional Portrayals[Electronic/Industrial]Veyl

FONTAINES D.C. – Skinty Fia[Post Punk]Partisan Records

FREJA – Tides[Black/Post Metal]Babylon Doom Cult Records

GREAT RIFT – Utopia[Heavy/Psych Rock]StoneFree Records

HASHISHIAN – Hashishian[Drone/Doom Metal]Herby Records

HUNTSMEN – The Dying Pines[Post Metal/Folk]Prosthetic Records

JAGUERO – Worst Weekend Ever[Punk]Epidemic Records

KAMRU – Kosmic Attunement To The Malevolent Rites Of The Universe[Heavy/Stoner Rock]

KETORET – Spontaneous Combustion[Post/Black Metal]

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD – Omnium Gatherum[Garage/Psych Rock]KGLW

LIGHTMAKER – Static Arrow[Doom Metal/Psych]

LILI REFRAIN – Mana[Ritual Ambient]Subsound Records

METATRON OMEGA – ISIH[Dark Ambient]Cryo Chamber

MIZMOR & THOU – Myopia[Doom Metal/Experimental]Gilead Media

MOSAIC – Heimatspuk[Black Metal/Folk]Eisenwald

MÄRVEL – Graces Came With Malice[Rock]The Sign Records

NEON MUD – Out of the Mud[Stoner/Doom Metal]

NOVARUPTA – Carrion Movements[Post Metal]Suicide Records

PATH OF MIGHT – Deep Chrome[Progressive/Post Metal]Encapsulated Records

PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS – Night Gnomes[Garage/Psych Rock]What Reality? Records & Marathon Artists

PYRESHIP – Light Is A Barrier[Post/Doom Metal]

RARE SEED – Blue Basin[Garage/Psych Rock]

RAT LORD – This Is Not A Record[Hardcore/Punk]Fysisk Format

REAPER – Viridian Inferno[Thrash/Black Metal]Dying Victims Productions

RESPLANDOR – Tristeza[Shoegaze/Post Punk]Automatic Entertainment & Reptile Music

SATOR – Cleansing Ritual[Doom/Sludge Metal]Argonauta Records

SENTIENT HORROR – Rites Of Gore[Death Metal]Redefining Darkness Records & Testimony Records

SERPENTSHRINE – Allegiance To The Myth[Black Metal]Signal Rex & Fólkvangr Records

SEUM – Blueberry Cash[Doom/Sludge Metal]

SLOWENYA – Meadow[Post Rock/Doom Metal]

SOLDAT HANS – Anthaupt[Doom Metal/Folk]Wolves And Vibrancy Records

SOMALI YACHT CLUB – The Space[Stoner/Psych Rock]Season Of Mist

STATIC ABYSS – Labyrinth of Veins[Death/Doom Metal]Peaceville Records

SURF THROUGH DEATH – II[Stoner/Psych Rock]

THE FLEX – Chewing Gum For The Ears[Hardcore/Punk]Static Shock Records & Lockin' Out Records

THE HAZMATS – Empty Rooms[Post Punk/Punk]Static Shock Records

THE SPACE HUNS – Swirling Waves, Moons and Tides[Space Rock]Minimal Bogart Records

TOMB SENTINEL – Perpetual Vice[Death Metal]Life After Death

TRADING HANDS – Clobberknocker[Powerviolence]Coxinha Records

TYRANNUS – Unslayable[Black/Death Metal]True Cult Records

UNDEATH – It's Time...To Rise From the Grave[Death Metal]Prosthetic Records

VANUM – Legend[Black Metal]Eisenwald

VEILED – Artefacts[Dark Ambient/Drone]Trepanation Recordings

VILE CREATURE & BISMUTH – A Hymn Of Loss And Hope[Doom Metal]The Flenser

WASTE A SAINT – Hypercarnivore[Heavy Rock]All Good Clean Records

ZOS – The Whole Of The Body I Call ZOS[Drone/Doom Metal]I, Voidhanger Records