Doomed And Gloomed's Release Roundup

August - Part II

Greetings doomers and gloomers,

Part II of the August release roundup is probably the shortest list I’ve put together this year with 32 releases.

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K. K.

ARÜSPEX – Hawthorne & Henbane

BEGRAVEMENT – Horrific Illusions Beckon
[Death Metal]

BESTIAL MOUTHS – R.O.T.T. (inmyskin)
Negative Gain Productions

BEURRE – Oxt To Anyone
[Experimental/Progressive Metal]
Hummus Records

[Psych/Doom Metal]

[Experimental/Stoner Rock]
Bensnburner Records

COPSE – Old Belief | New Despair
[Post/Black Metal]
Church Road Records

CUNABULA – The Weight Of Sleep
[Post Metal]
Sleaszy Rider

CYSTIC – Palace Of Shadows
[Death Metal]
Chaos Records

DIZEAZE – Silver Or Lead
Empty Shells Records

FATMAS – External Internal Eternal
[Doom Ambient]

GLIXEN – She Only Said
Julia's War Records

GOLDEN SUNBIRD – Inner Landscapes // Outer Worlds
[Psych/Space Rock]

HUMAN GARBAGE – Straight Not Giving A Fuck
Creator-Destructor Records

KIND – Close Encounters
[Heavy/Stoner Rock]
Ripple Music

KING MOUNTAIN – Wrath Of The Gods
[Stoner/Blues Rock]

KITA – Tyhjiö
[Doom/Sludge Metal]
No Profit Recordings

LA IGLESIA ATÓMICA – Los Demonios Andan Sueltos
[Stoner/Psych Rock]

From Within Records

MALKASIAN – The Macabre
[Blues/Heavy Rock]

MOONAADEM – Douleur De Renaitre
[Black Metal/Ambient]

MOVE BHC – Black Radical Love
Triple B Records

NEGATIVE FRAME – Mercy Killing
The Coming Strife Records & Death Farm Records

[Death Metal/Punk]
Doomentia Records & Nameless Grave Records

PHYLLOMEDUSA – Amphibious Jim Jones

[Stoner/Doom Metal]
Blues Funeral Recordings

SLOWNER – Leading To Nowhere
[Stoner/Doom Metal]

TEMPLE OF DREAD – Beyond Acheron
[Death Metal]
Testimony Records

TRAIDORA – Un Cuerpo Trans Lleno De Odio

URNE – A Feast On Sorrow
[Stoner/Sludge Metal]
Candlelight Records

VANDAL MOON – Satellite
[Darkwave/Post Punk]