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Week 37

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Another roundup of another great week for music. This is the list of releases from last week. 47 titles. Archetype Of Noise by BEASTIAL PIGLORD, Desiphon by CHOKE and Volatile Forms by DEAD VOID are three releases you can start with. Let's go.

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ACOD – Fourth Reign Over Opacities And Beyond[Black Metal]Les Acteurs De L’Ombre

ALTARS ABLAZE – Life Desecration[Death/Black Metal]Lavadome Productions

BATBAIT – Dirty Clothes[Garage Rock]Irascible Music

BEASTIAL PIGLORD – Archetype Of Noise[Doom Metal/Experimental]

BLIND MESS – After The Storm[Heavy/Stoner Rock]Deadclockwork Records OF MINERVA – Embers[Progressive/Post Metal]Aloud Music & LaRubiaProducciones

BROTHER O' BROTHER – Skin Walker[Stoner Rock]Romanus Records

CHOKE – Desiphon[Grindcore/Death Metal]Translation Loss Records

CLUTCH – Sunrise On Slaughter Beach[Heavy/Stoner Rock]Weathermaker Music

CRUST – Wanderers[Black/Doom Metal]Addicted Label, Slowsnow Records, RUMF Productions & KsenzaRecords

DEAD VOID – Volatile Forms[Death/Doom Metal]Dark Descent Records & Me Saco Un Ojo Records

ENNUI/APOSTLES OF ERIS – Split[Hardcore]Zegema Beach Records & Day Zero Collective

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT – At War With the Multiverse[Death Metal]Dark Horizon Records

GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA & DEAN HURLEY – Oceans of Time[Ambient/Dream Pop]Sacred Bones Records

GOATSMOKER – E.O.T.A[Stoner/Doom Metal]

GOD IS WAR – Predation Perfected[Power Electronics/Noise]Closed Casket Activities & Blood Ties

HEGEMONE – Voyance[Post/Black Metal]Brucia Records

HÖG – Hög[Heavy Rock]

INDUSTRIAL PUKE – Where Life Crisis Starts[Crust/Punk]Suicide Records

INNUMERABLE FORMS – Philosophical Collapse[Death/Doom Metal]

IRIST – Gloria[Post Hardcore/Post Metal]Nuclear Blast

KILL DIVISION – Peace Through Tyranny[Grindcore]Redefining Darkness Records

LIAR THIEF BANDIT – Diamonds[Rock]The Sign Records

LYBICA – Lybica[Post Rock]Metal Blade Records

MAUVAISE FOI – Mauvaise II Foi[Sludge/Doom Metal]

MEDIEVAL DEMON – Black Coven[Black Metal]

MINDFORCE – New Lords[Hardcore/Punk]Triple B Records

MORK – Den Svevende Festning[Black Metal]Peaceville Records

MORTUOUS – Upon Desolation[Death Metal]Carbonized Records & Extremely Rotten Productions

PHOBOPHILIC – Enveloping Absurdity[Death Metal]Prosthetic Records

PINK FROST – Until The Summer Comes[Psych Rock]Under Road Records

RETADOR – Retador[Thrash Metal]Xtreem Music

ROCKY MTN ROLLER – Haywire[Heavy Rock]Who Can You Trust? Records

SINNERY – Black Bile[Thrash Metal]Exitus Stratagem Records

SPIRITUS MORTIS – The Great Seal[Doom Metal]Svart Records

SUBLATION – The Path to Bedlam[Death Metal]

SUMERLANDS – Dreamkiller[Heavy Metal]Relapse Records

THE BLACK ANGELS – Wilderness Of Mirrors[Psych Rock]Partisan Records

THE DARLING FIRE – Distortions[Shoegaze/Post Hardcore]Iodine Recordings

THE NECROMANCERS – Where the Void Rose[Heavy Rock]

THERAPIST – Svet/Lo Slepých[Funeral Doom Metal/Shoegaze]

TRIBAL GAZE – The Nine Choirs[Death Metal]Maggot Stomp

TRIPPELGÄNGER – Third Trip[Stoner/Doom Metal]

VATHR – Dead & United[Black Metal]Edged Circle Productions

WHITE HILLS – The Revenge Of Heads On Fire[Experimental/Psych Rock]Heads on Fire Industries

XIBLING – Auswahl[Electronic/Post Punk]ant-zen