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Week 40/2022 Part II

Greetings, doomers and gloomers

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Here's part II of the very busy week 40. Great stuff as usual. Maybe start with LANGUISH, MEPHISTOFELES and MIRACLE BLOOD. Or just listen to the whole damn list from start to finish immediately. Your choice.

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LADY LUNA AND THE DEVIL – Vampiric Visions Vol. I: Living Blood[Doom Metal]The Swamp Records

LANGUISH – Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation[Death Metal/Grindcore]Prosthetic Records

LITURGY – As The Blood Of God Bursts The Veins Of Time[Experimental/Black Metal]Thrill Jockey Records

LORE CITY – Under Way[Experimental/Gothic]Lore City Music

MASONNA/PRURIENT – Annihilationism[Noise/Experimental]Hospital Productions

MEPHISTOFELES – Violent Theatre[Psych Rock/Doom Metal]Regain Records

MIRACLE BLOOD – Melter[Noise Rock/Punk]

MONOVOTH – Monovoth[Doom Metal/Drone]Trepanation Recordings

MR.PHYLZZZ – Cancel Culture Club[Heavy Rock/Noise Rock]Amphetamine Reptile Records

NECESSARY DEATH – Necessary Death[Grindcore/Crust]

NORMAL BIAS – Normal Bias[Electronic/Industrial]Synthicide

OLD GREY HORROR – The Tower[Heavy/Stoner Rock]

PETRICOR – Terra[Post Metal]Fiadh Productions & Vita Detestabilis Records

PROFESSOR ELECTRIC – Rot Gut[Blues Rock]The Swamp Records

RESIN TOMB – Unconsecrated//Ascendancy[Death Metal/Grindcore]Brilliant Emperor

RIOT CITY – Electric Elite[Heavy Metal]No Remorse Records

RITUAL DICTATES – No Great Loss[Gothic Metal/Gothic Rock]Artoffact Records

SACRILEGIA – Sold Under Sin[Black/Thrash Metal]

SKY PIG – It Thrives In Darkness[Doom/Sludge Metal]Forbidden Place Records

SPARROWS – Sparrows[Death/Black Metal]

SUDDEN DEAF – Havoc[Heavy/Thrash Metal]

SUN VOYAGER – Sun Voyager[Stoner/Psych Rock]Ripple Music

TERROR CELL – Caustic Light[Mathcore/Sludge Metal]Fisher King Records

TEVERTS – The Lifeblood[Stoner/Psych Rock]Karma Conspiracy Records

THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET – Miserere[Experimental/Darkjazz]Debemur Morti Productions

THUNDERING HOOVES – Radiance[Black/Death Metal]Mercenary Press

THUS LOVE – Memorial[Post Punk/Goth]Captured Tracks

TONS – Hashension[Sludge/Doom Metal]Heavy Psych Sounds Records

TYLO – 6[Dark Folk/Goth]

UNTO THE EARTH – The Dawning[Heavy/Psych Rock]

URNSCENT – The Eldritch Mist[Funeral Doom Metal]

VESSEL OF INIQUITY – The Path Unseen[Black Metal/Noise]Sentient Ruin Laboratories

WOWOD/SOMN – Split[Post/Black Metal]Church Road Records

ZONG – Astral Lore[Psych/Space Rock]Cardinal Fuzz & Little Cloud Records