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Week 45/2022

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The seventh list in seven days. At least you can't say you don't have new music to check out. This roundup is for week 45 and it's weird, because I'm thinking 39 releases isn't much. But it's propably pretty much for a normal person.I don't know when this week's roundup will be posted, but hopefully in a few days and not a few weeks. Stay tuned.

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AFGHAN HAZE – Hallucinations Of A Heretic[Doom/Stoner Metal]

AKRAIA – Mistress[Doom/Black Metal]Blood Blast Distribution

ARALLU – Death Covenant[Black/Death Metal]Hammerheart Records

BARK – Rambler Of Aeons[Death ’N’ Roll]Listenable Records

BLAC KOLOR – Roots[Electronic/Industrial]ant-zen

BLACK SPELL – Season Of The Damned[Doom/Psych Metal]Helter Skelter Productions/Regain Records

BREANNA BARBARA – Nothin' But Time[Alternative]Fuzz Club Records

CELOPHYS – Wulong[Stoner/Sludge Metal]Robustfellow

CITY OF INDUSTRY – Spiritual West[Hardcore/Punk]No Funeral Records & Modern Grievance

CRYPTOPHASER – IIXX[Stoner/Psych Rock]

DIRT FORGE – Interspheral[Sludge/Stoner Metal]Majestic Mountain Records

DOZETHRONE – Hell On Halloween[Doom/Sludge Metal]

DREAM UNENDING – Song Of Salvation[Doom Metal]20 Buck Spin

DROWSE – Wane Into It[Art Rock/Noise Pop]The Flenser

DYSGNOSTIC – Scar Echoes[Death Metal]Transcending Obscurity Records

EDNA – The End Times[Doom/Sludge Metal]

ENCRYPTMENT – Dödens Födsel[Death/Black Metal]Nuclear Winter Records

ENVY – Seimei[Post Rock/Post Hardcore]Pelagic Records

EYE OF DOOM – The Sapient[Doom/Progressive Metal]Majestic Mountain Records

HAEXLER – Wage, Work[Powerviolence/Grindcore]Black Omega Recordings & D.I.Y Koło, Fies ins Gesicht aka DIT, Hetacombe, Holy Goat, Loner Cult, Rip Roaring Shit Storm, Šváb & Lower Class Kids Records & Santa Diabla, SM Musik, Togue Sol Distribución, HOME MORT & Ring Leader

HAUT&COURT. – Collapse[Grindcore/Experimental]No Good To Anyone & Duality Records

JAMBINAI – Apparition[Post Rock/Experimental]Bella Union

MALIST – As I Become Darkness[Black Metal]Northern Silence Productions & Slowsnowrecords

MARIGOLD KING/SWAMPWORM – Pillars To Unrelenting Suffering/Nahab[Black/Death Metal]Total Dissonance Worship

MISTER STRANGE – Nothing At All[Garage Rock]PNKSLM Recordings

NIGHT LORD – Death Doesn't Wait[Speed Metal]Ossuary Records

ORBITER – Head Wounds[Doom/Post Metal]Salvaged Records

PSEUDO MIND HIVE – Eclectica[Progressive/Psych Rock]

REMINA – Strata[Doom/Gothic Metal]Avantgarde Music

ROADHOG – Gates To Madness[Heavy Metal]Ossuary Records

RODEO – Hybris[Stoner Rock]Sixteentimes Music

SCONSACRATA – Paroxysms[Experimental/Black Metal]Trepanation Recordings

SOLAR CORONA – Pace[Kraut/Psych Rock]Lovers & Lollypops

STAR RIDER – Star Rider[Heavy/Speed Metal]

SWEET COBRA – Threes[Alternative Rock/Post Hardcore]Hawthorne Street Records & Pax Aeternum

TOPOGRAPHIES – Tied/Arch[Alternative/Shoegaze]The Funeral Party Records

VANANIDR – Beneath The Mold[Black/Death Metal]Black Lion Records

VOID CRUISER – Call Of The Void[Stoner/Psych Rock]Argonauta Records

VOVK – Tiger | Tyhr[Heavy/Progressive Rock]