Doomed And Gloomed Weekly

Week 39/2022

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Week 39. The week before last week. It was busy. 66 releases made it to this edition of the Weekly. You should check out everything, but maybe start with World For Sale by CANDY APPLE if hardcore/punk gets you going. Or CEASELESS TORMENT's Victory Or Death if you like thrash metal. EVEREST QUEEN delivers heavy sludgy post metal on Murmurations. Or how about some anti-fascist black metal? Verdrängung by VOAK is the one. Raw blackened death metal at it's best? Covenant Of Death by VÅNDA.There's so many great names on this list. I'm very much looking forward to hear the new shit from ACEPHALIX, AUTOPSY, ESCUELA GRIND, and MYTHIC SUNSHIP. Among others. So much music.

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偏執症者 – Possessed[Crust/Punk]Paranoid Northern Discs

ABERDAR – The Cult of The Naked Snail[Stoner Rock]

ACAUSAL INTRUSION – Seeping Evocation[Death Metal]I, Voidhanger Records

ACEPHALIX – Theothanatology[Death Metal]20 Buck Spin

AMAUROT – ...To Tread The Ancient Waters[Doom/Gothic Metal]Obelisk Polaris Productions

ANGMODNES – The Weight Of Eternity[Funeral Doom Metal]Black Lion Records

AUTOPHAGY – Bacteriophage[Death Metal]Pulverised Records & Necrolatry Records

AUTOPSY – Morbidity Triumphant[Death Metal]Peaceville Records

BAKARAGA – Bakaraga[Death Metal]

BELOW THE GRAVES – Death is Always Hungry[Death Metal]

BLITZPØP – MDMA[Garage/Alternative Rock]

BRETHREN HOGG – Relative Swine[Doom/Stoner Metal]

CANDY APPLE – World for Sale[Hardcore/Punk]Convulse Records & Smoking Room

CEASELESS TORMENT – Victory Or Death[Thrash Metal]Wormholedeath

CITY OF CATERPILLAR – Mystic Sisters[Post Hardcore]Relapse Records

COLDWORLD – Isolation[Post/Black Metal]Eisenwald

CRYPTIC BROOD – Caustic Fetid Vomit[Death Metal]Lycanthropic Chants

DANS DANS – 6[Psych/Jazz]Unday Records

DEADLY VIPERS – Low City Drone[Stoner Rock]Fuzzorama Records

DEVILLE – Heavy Lies The Crown[Heavy/Stoner Rock]Sixteentimes Music

ECLESIOS – Halls of Salvation[Death/Black Metal]Eisenwald

ESCUELA GRIND – Memory Theater[Grindcore/Powerviolence]MNRK Heavy

EVEREST QUEEN – Murmurations[Post/Sludge Metal]Trepanation Recordings

EVITCELES – Infinite Night[Industrial/Noise]Strange Therapy

FLAMEBEARER – Fire On The Horizon[Stoner Metal]

FORESEEN – Untamed Force[Punk/Thrash Metal]Quality Control HQ

HALF GRAMME OF SOMA – Slip Through The Cracks[Heavy Rock]Sound Of Liberation Records

HIGH VIS – Blending[Post Punk/Punk]Dais Records

HUSSAR – All-Consuming Hunger[Death/Doom Metal]I, Voidhanger Records

INANIMUS – Martyrdom[Doom Metal]Barrow Hoard Records

LIFETAKER – Der Letzte Raum[Punk/Death Metal]

LORD OF CONFUSION – Evil Mystery[Doom Metal/Psych]Gruesome Records & Morbid And Miserable Records

MAMALEEK – Diner Coffee[Experimental]The Flenser

MAULÉN – El Miedo De Amar[Experimental/Ambient]Icons Creating Evil Art

MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER – Unfold[Alternative/Dream Pop]Domino Recording Co. & Fat Possum Records

MONA MUR – Snake Island[Industrial/Electronic]GIVE/TAKE

MYTHIC SUNSHIP – Light/Flux[Psych Rock/Jazz]Tee Pee Records

NERO KANE – Of Knowledge And Revelation[Folk/Psych]Subsound Records

NO SUN – In The Interim[Shoegaze/Alternative Rock]Flesh and Bone Records & Church Road Records

OFF! – Free LSD[Punk/Rock]Fat Possum Records

ORM – Intet • Altet[Black/Progressive Metal]Indisciplinarian

POISONED SEEDS – Demo '22[Hardcore]

POLYWHY – Don’t You Want To Use Me[Post Hardcore/Noise Rock]

POWER FROM HELL – Shadows Devouring Light[Black/Thrash Metal]Debemur Morti Productions

REGULATE – Regulate[Hardcore]Flatspot Records

ROCK BOTTOM – Speedway[Punk/Thrash Metal]Knife Hits Records

SEAX – Speed Inferno[Speed Metal]Diabolic Might Records & Iron Shield Records

SINISTER DOWNFALL – The Last Witness[Funeral Doom Metal]Funere & Weird Truth Productions

SONIC FLOWER – Me And My Bellbottom Blues[Heavy Rock]Heavy Psych Sounds Records

SOUL DISSOLUTION – SORA[Post/Black Metal]Viridian Flame Records

SPELLBOOK – Deadly Charms[Heavy Metal]Cruz Del Sur

STASH – Through Rose Coloured Glasses[Stoner/Sludge Metal]

STREET JUSTICE – Vegan Future[Hardcore]

STRIGOI – Viscera[Death Metal/Crust]Season Of Mist

SURFSQUATCH – Planet Neptune[Heavy Rock]

TALES OF A LIQUID DAWN – Fall Of The Xafyre Dynasty[Progressive/Psych Rock]

THE AMBLERS – Shallow Pools[Rock]Mongrel Records & Lay Bare Recordings

THE LUMBAR ENDEAVOR – Counting Blessings on Broken Fingers[Doom/Sludge Metal]

THE VACANT LOTS – Closure[Post Punk/Electronic]Fuzz Club Records

THULSA DOOM – A Fate Worse Than Death[Death Metal]

UMBILICUS – Path Of 1000 Suns[Rock]Listenable Insanity Records

VEILED – Decay 1[Dark Ambient/Drone]Trepanation Recordings

VOAK – Verdrängung[Black Metal]I, Voidhanger Records

VOIDOATH – Ascension Beyond Kokytus[Doom/Sludge Metal]Cursed Monk Records & Cognitive Discordance Records

VÅNDA – Covenant of Death[Death/Black Metal]Majestic Mountain Records

Ä.I.D.S. – The Road To Nuclear Holocaust[Punk/Electronic]La Vida Es Un Mus Discos