Doomed And Gloomed Weekly

Week 18 Part I

Greetings, doomers and gloomers

New old edition of the heaviest newsletter around, straight to your inbox.

Almost a month since the last list. Wow, I'm apparently really good at this "getting back to business"-thing. To be honest I've been a bit stressed about having so many weeks to go through and I don't want to feel that way, I want to enjoy doing these lists. It's a hobby, not a job. So after this one, week 18, I've decided to put the backlog posting on hold and go back to the regular posting. The first list will be for the coming week (36) or the week after that (37). Stay tuned.

Okay. Week 18. It was a busy one. So busy you'll get the list in two parts, the first now and the second tomorrow.

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1648 – Lying Amongst Despised Ones Of The Earth[Black Metal]Babylon Doom Cult Records

ASTRAL PIGS – Our Golden Twilight[Doom/Stoner Metal]DHU Records

BIRDSTONE – Loss[Heavy/Blues Rock]

BRITOF – Ruins[Sludge/Stoner Metal]On Parole Productions

CARRION BLOOM – Sacraments of Pestilence[Black Metal/Punk]Transylvanian Recordings

CHAMBER – Carved In Stone[Hardcore]Pure Noise Records

CHRISTIAN DEATH – Evil Becomes Rule[Gothic Rock]Season Of Mist

CIERŃ – The Emperor Rx[Post Punk]Bat-Cave Productions

CLEAVER – No More Must Crawl[Hardcore]Klonosphère & Season Of Mist

COSMIC PUTREFACTION – Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones[Death Metal]Caligari Records

DEAF CLUB – Bad Songs Forever[Hardcore/Punk]Three One G Records & Sweatband Records

DEPRESSED MODE – Decade of Silence[Doom/Death Metal]Inverse Records

DIG DEEPER – Easy Were The Days (Before I Met You)[Rock]Vinter Records

DISQUIET – Instigate to Annihilate[Thrash Metal]Soulseller Records

DJEVELKULT – Drep Alle Guder[Black Metal]Soulseller Records

EARTHSON – Flowers[Doom/Post Metal]

EBE404 – Inrush[Post Industrial/Ambient]GIVE/TAKE

ELECTRIC CULT – Fuzzeremony[Doom/Stoner Metal]The Swamp Records

FAT GREASY BEAST – Bloom Of Doom[Doom/Stoner Metal]

FUZZ MEADOWS – Orange Sunshine[Psych/Stoner Rock]Copper Feast Records

GNOME – King[Stoner Rock]Polderrecords

HAUNTER – Discarnate Ails[Black/Death Metal]

HEMINGWAYS – The Gift Of Isolation[Progressive/Psych Rock]

HEMPRESS – Masters Of The Trade[Stoner/Doom Metal]

HOLD ME DOWN – Powerless[Industrial Metal]Sentient Ruin Laboratories

I AM THE NIGHT – While The Gods Are Sleeping[Black Metal]Svart Records

ICARE – Charogne[Black/Post Metal]Hummus Records

IRON WINGS – Ritual of Rage[Heavy/Thrash Metal]

JO QUAIL – The Cartographer[Alternative/Post Rock]By Norse

KADAVERMARCH – Into Oblivion[Stoner Rock]Last Mile Records

KIKAGAKU MOYO – Kumoyo Island[Psych Rock]Guruguru Brain

KIRKBY KISS – Ouroboros[Punk/Hardcore]Council Records

KUNGENS MÄN – Kungens Ljud & Bild[Experimental/Psych]

LEATHER LUNG – Dive Bar Devil[Stoner/Doom Metal]Magnetic Eye Records

LU SILVER – Luneliness[Folk/Rock]Go Down Records

MALTHUSIAN/SUFFERING HOUR – Time's Withering Shadow[Black/Death Metal]

MIDNIGHT BURIAL – Conjuring Darkness[Doom/Post Metal]