Doomed And Gloomed Weekly

Week 43/2022

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Time for the roundup for week 43. The releases from CHROME GHOST, DEVIL'S WITCHES, FAUSTIAN and WHIMZ are essentials. Now start listening and find more essentials.

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ATEIGGÄR – Tyrannemord[Black Metal]Eisenwald

ATOMIC TRIP – Strike #3[Doom/Stoner Metal]Tentacles Industries

BLACKLIST – Afterworld[Post Punk/Coldwave]

BODYSIEGE – History Of Violence[Sludge Metal/Industrial]Deadboy Records

BONES – Vomit[Death Metal]Disorder Recordings

BRAN – Odcházení[Black Metal]Signal Rex

BRANT BJORK – Bougainvillea Suite[Desert Rock]Heavy Psych Sounds Records

CHROME GHOST – House Of Falling Ash[Doom/Post Metal]Seeing Red Records

CÄBRÄNEGRÄ/JÄRNBÖRD – Split[Grindcore]Fuckitall Records, Brado Records, Two Beers or Not Two Beers, Tu.Pank Records & Undergrind Recs

DARKTHRONE – Astral Fortress[Heavy/Black Metal]Peaceville Records

DEADBODY – The Requiem[Death Metal]Closed Casket Activities

DEAD CROSS – II[Thrash Metal]Ipecac Recordings

DEATHSIEGE – Throne Of Heresy[Death Metal]Everlasting Spew Records

DEVENIAL VERDICT – Ash Blind[Death Metal]Transcending Obscurity Records

DEVIL'S WITCHES – In All Her Forms[Heavy/Psych Rock]Majestic Mountain Records

EDENA GARDENS – Edena Gardens[Psych/Ambient]El Paraiso Records

EKSTASIS – Paralyzing Impermanence[Death Metal]Unspeakable Axe Records & World Eater Records

ETERAZ – Villain[Crust/Punk]Iron Lung Records

FAETOOTH – Remnants Of The Vessel[Doom Metal]Dune Altar

FAUSTIAN – Faustian[Death/Black Metal]Black Lion Records

FLYING DISK – In The Heart Of The City[Alternative/Heavy Rock]Karma Conspiracy Records

FORLESEN – Black Terrain[Doom/Black Metal]I, Voidhanger Records

GROUND – III[Sludge/Doom Metal]

GROUND – Habitual Self-Abuse[Grindcore]Hibernation Release

HOAXED – Two Shadows[Dark Rock]Relapse Records

KRAMPOT – Ouroboros[Stoner/Doom Metal]

LAZER BEAM – Lost In Oblivion[Dream Pop/Indie Rock]

LIGHTLORN – These Nameless Worlds[Post/Black Metal]

LOS MUNDOS – En Sistema Modular[Psych Rock]Aurora Central Records & Little Cloud Records

MENGERS – i/O[Psych Rock]Devil In The Woods

MORBIKON – Ov Mournful Twilight[Black Metal]Tankcrimes

NEAR DUSK – Through The Cosmic Fog[Stoner/Psych Rock]Iron Head Records

NECROMUTILATOR – Oath Of Abhorrence[Black/Death Metal]

NIONDE PLÅGAN – Transformation[Post Hardcore]Moment Of Collapse Records

OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE – What On Earth[Avant-garde/Post Rock]NAHAL Recordings & Sub Rosa

OUTRE-TOMBE/SKELETHAL – Split[Death Metal]Carbonized Records

PÁRAMO BONZAI – Kwanyip[Stoner/Doom Metal]

SFEERVERZIEKER – Death Is The Desired Ending[Doom/Post Metal]

SHIT AND SHINE – New Confusion[Experimental]Rocket Recordings

SICKRECY – Salvation Through Tyranny[Grindcore/Death Metal]Selfmadegod Records & Bullwhip Records

SUGAR HORSE – Waterloo Teeth[Shoegaze/Doom Metal]Small Pond

SUICIDEBURG – У Німому Очікуванні[Hardcore]

THAMMUZ – Sons Of The Occult[Psych/Stoner Rock]Argonauta Records

THE SADE – Nocturna[Gothic Rock/Darkwave]Go Down Records

THE WILD CENTURY – Organic[Psych/Blues Rock]Tonzonen Records

THROWING BRICKS – The Burden[Post Hardcore/Sludge Metal]Tartarus Records

UNIVERSALLY ESTRANGED – Dimension Of Deviant Clusters[Death Metal]Blood Harvest Records

VÉVAKI – Fórnspeki[Folk]Season Of Mist

VOIDTHRONE – Metaphysical Degradation[Death/Black Metal]Total Dissonance Worship

VOMITRISTE – Wombra[Dark Ambient/Noise]Machine Tribe Recordings

VOTIVE – Wilting[Punk/Hardcore]

VUARA – Нормальный человек[Black Metal/Hardcore]Cursed Monk Records & Trepanation Recordings

WHIMZ – PM226[Electronic/Shoegaze]Literal Gold

WORM – Bluenothing[Doom/Black Metal]20 Buck Spin