Doomed And Gloomed Weekly

Week 42/2022

Greetings, doomers and gloomersNew edition of the heaviest newsletter around, straight to your inbox.

42nd week of 2022 had a lot of new music to offer. As usual these times. Seriously... from week 36 to week 42, is the average amount of titles on these lists 55. Fiftyfive. That's crazy. Is it me being better at finding new music or are artists and bands releasing more music in general? It's probably a combination.Three of the real highlights on this list are King Of A Dead World from English sludge stoner quartet BATTALIONS, Fear Is A Cruel Master from US psychedelic heavy rock five piece RUBY THE HATCHET and Earthbound from Finnish sludgers BLACK ROYAL.I'm really looking forward to hear the new stuff from ABDUCTION, FULL OF HELL and GOAT. Among others.

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ABDUCTION – Black Blood[Black Metal]Candlelight Records

ALL SOULS – Ghosts Among Us[Heavy Rock]Oscura Records

ALTARS – Spires[Experimental]Cloudchamber Recordings

AT THE GRAVES – Fear Is God[Doom/Sludge Metal]

AVATARIUM – Death, Where Is Your Sting[Rock]AFM Records

BATTALIONS – King Of A Dead World[Sludge Metal]APF Records

BLACK MATH HORSEMAN – Black Math Horseman[Post/Psych Metal]

BLACK ROYAL – Earthbound[Sludge/Death Metal]M-Theory Audio

BLACK SPACE RIDERS – We Have Been Here Before[Heavy/Psych Rock]

BRUTUS – Unison Life[Alternative/Post Rock]Hassle Records & Sargent House

BUNKER 66/LUCIFUGE – Of Night And Lust[Black/Thrash Metal]Dying Victims Productions

CATAPHILES – Cataphiles[Post Punk]Sabotage Records

CATAPULT THE SUN – Cathode[Doom Metal/Drone]

CHAIN WOLF – Dark Premonitions[Speed/Black Metal]Motorpunk Records

DIAMOND CHAZER – Starriders[Heavy Metal]Fighter Records

EXHUMED – To The Dead[Death Metal/Grindcore]Relapse Records

EXTERMINATING ANGEL – Inherited Future[Hardcore]9 LIES & World's Appreciated Kitsch

FOMIES – Sudden Lag[Garage Rock]Irascible Music & Hummus Records

FULL OF HELL – Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound[Death Metal/Grindcore]

GAIA – Tilblivelse[Psych/Doom Metal]Virkelighedsfjern

GGU:LL – Ex Est[Doom/Black Metal]Consouling Sounds

GOAT – Oh Death[Alternative/Psych]Rocket Recordings

GOD ALONE. – ETC[Math/Noise Rock]Prosthetic Records

GRYFLET – Petrichor[Psych/Stoner Rock]

HOLY SHIP – Sun Macabre[Alternative/Shoegaze]Declared Goods

IN THE PONDS – Polar Night[Post Rock/Ambient]Entelodon Records

INCLINATION – Unaltered Perspective[Hardcore]Pure Noise Records

KING FOSSIL – King Fossil[Progressive/Stoner Rock]

KNIFEPLAY – Animal Drowning[Shoegaze]Topshelf Records

LIQUID EARTH – Teufelskreis[Psych/Stoner Rock]Electric Fire Records

LOST IN KIEV – Rupture[Post Rock]Pelagic Records

MARCO VAN BASTEN & THE CASTLES – The Castles[Electronic/Darkwave]She Lost Kontrol

MORBIFIC – Squirm Beyond The Mortal Realm[Death Metal]Memento Mori, Me Saco Un Ojo Records & Headsplit Records

MOUNTAINSCAPE – Atoms Unfurling[Post Metal]Trepanation Recordings

PANIC PRIEST – Psychogoria[Post Punk/Darkwave]Negative Gain Productions

PEMBE – Hepimizin Evi[Post Hardcore]D.I.Y Koło, Nasty Cut, Mevzu, Entes Anomicos, New Knee, Dingleberry, Khya, Fresh Outbreak, Nothing To Harvest & Callous Records & Salto Mortale Music, Seitan's Hell Bike Punks, Abraxas Distro & Friendly Otter

PERSHER – Man With The Magic Soap[Experimental/Electronic]Thrill Jockey Records

PRETORIUS – Sobre La Creación Y Las Bestias[Doom/Stoner Metal]

RADIANT. – O R A[Noise Rock/Post Rock]Jarane

RANDAL COLLIER-FORD – Thaumaturgy[Dark Ambient]Cryo Chamber

RATHIVE – Entitlement[Doom Metal/Psych]

REPTIL – Apocalipsis[Stoner/Doom Metal]

RESIN – The Ultimate High[Hardcore/Punk]1753

RHINESTONE PICKUP TRUCK – Adore Me[Alternative/Indie Rock]PNKSLM Recordings

RUBY THE HATCHET – Fear Is A Cruel Master[Heavy Rock]Magnetic Eye Records

SAHG – Born Demon[Heavy Metal]Drakkar Entertainment

SEAWITCH – Well Of Spells[Heavy/Stoner Rock]Cheersquad

STONERBONER – Bonerstone[Stoner Rock]

T.S. WARSPITE – Stop The Rot[Punk]Quality Control HQ

TAU & THE DRONES OF PRAISE – Misneach[Experimental/Krautrock]Glitterbeat Records

THE LORD & PETRA HADEN – Devotional[Drone/Experimental]Southern Lord Recordings

THE OTOLITH – Folium Limina[Post/Doom Metal]Blues Funeral Recordings

THE SPACE HUNS – Easy Space Trip With The Stoned Hun[Space Rock]Minimal Bogart Records

VIGILANCE – Vigilance[Heavy Metal]Dying Victims Productions

WHEELS – EP II[Garage/Progressive Rock]

WIZRD – Seasons[Progressive Rock]Karisma Records

YLEISET SYYT – Toisten Todellisuus[Punk]La Vida Es Un Mus Discos