Doomed And Gloomed Weekly

Week 40/2022 Part I

Greetings, doomers and gloomers

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So I was home with Covid the whole last week. The only good thing with that bullshit was that I had very much time to finally get the lists for week 40-45 done. I went through a massive amount of new releases in a few days. Massive, I tell you. Why is it that everyone is releasing stuff all the time?


I'll probably post one list a day this week, starting with Week 40 part I. Yep, that week was so busy I had to split the list in two parts. A lot of good stuff.

A. A. WILLIAMS, ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE, BAARDVADER, CHEST ROCKWELL, JIVEBOMB and KEIJI HAINO & SUMAC. Just to name a few. Get on it, and stay tuned for part II.

If you don't use Spotify there’s a Bandcamp playlist for you, with one track from every release available on Bandcamp. The link:

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3 WHEELER BAND – In The Name Of The Holy Riff[Heavy Rock]

A.A. WILLIAMS – As The Moon Rests[Alternative]Bella Union

ACID WITCH – Rot Among Us[Death/Doom Metal]

ALVVAYS – Blue Rev[Indie Rock]Transgressive

ARBOGAKVINNAN – Nervsnittad[Death Punk]

ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE – Ritual Violence[Sludge Metal]Candlelight Records

ASARHADDON – Thurofreminga[Black Metal]Vendetta Records

ASGRAUW – Façade[Black Metal]Death Prayer Records

BAARDVADER – Foolish Fires[Heavy/Stoner Rock]

BLACKBIRD HILL – Embers In The Dark[Rock/Heavy Blues]

BLACK TONGUE REVEREND – All Of Them Have Fangs[Psych/Blues Rock]

BLODHEMN – Sverger Hemn[Black Metal]Dark Essence Records

BLOODY HAMMERS – Washed In the Blood[Doom/Gothic Metal]

CAUSTIC CASANOVA – Glass Enclosed Nerve Center[Progressive Rock/Punk]Magnetic Eye Records

CHEST ROCKWELL – Mentis Oculi[Progressive/Post Metal]Snow Wolf Records

CLOUD RAT – Threshold[Grindcore/Punk]Artoffact Records

CNTMPT – Von Unreiner Willkür[Black Metal]Into Endless Chaos Records

COFFIN TORTURE – Blennoid[Death/Sludge Metal]Sludgelord Records

COURTNEY MARIE ANDREWS – Loose Future[Folk/Americana]Fat Possum Records

CURETAJE – Alouqua Lilith[Grindcore/Death Metal]BlowJob Records

DE PROFUNDIS – The Corruption Of Virtue[Death Metal]Transcending Obscurity Records

DEVOUROR – Diabolos Brigade[Black/Death Metal]Listenable Records

DUNGEN – En Är För Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nog[Rock/Psych]Mexican Summer

ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY – Psychic Death Safari[Garage Rock]Ripple Music

ENSANGUINATE – Eldritch Anatomy[Death/Black Metal]Emanzipation Productions

FAITH IN JANE – Axe To Oak[Doom Metal/Psych Rock]Grimoire Records

FLYING FUZZ – Redeemer[Heavy/Stoner Rock]Cherry Sour Records

FRACTALYST – Watchtower[Dark Ambient]Cryo Chamber

GANSER – Nothing You Do Matters[Alternative Rock/Post Punk]Felte

GET THE SHOT – Merciless Destruction[Hardcore/Thrash Metal]New Damage Records

GILLIAN CARTER – Salvation Through Misery[Hardcore/Post Hardcore]Skeletal Lightning

GLDN – Hemophilia[Alternative/Industrial Metal]

GOATWHORE – Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven[Black/Death Metal]Metal Blade Records

GRALES – Remember The Earth But Never Come Back[Doom/Sludge Metal]From The Urn

GRIEF CIRCLE – Weightless[Doom/Post Metal]

GRÄNSLANDET/ALTERI – Split[Crust/Sludge Metal]Phobia Records, Nothing to Harvest Records, Loner Cult Records & Chopped off Records

ILLYRIA – Take Me Somewhere Beautiful[Post Hardcore]

JIVEBOMB – Primitive Desires[Hardcore/Punk]Flatspot Records

KARIN PARK – Private Collection[Dark Pop/Experimental]Pelagic Records

KEIJI HAINO & SUMAC – Into This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood To Pour Let Us Never[Experimental/Noise]Thrill Jockey Records