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Week 38/2022

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Not this week's releases, or last week's. These are from the week before last week so a little late. But that's okay. Maybe you missed something last week that you'll find here, and the bands get a little more attention. Great, huh?So you want me to help with releases to start with? Sure. If you're into soothing, very atmospheric ambient is Isolate by COSMIC GROUND amazing. If a chaotic blend of noise rock and punk sound interesting is Aromaterapi by DAUFØDT your thing. And my third tip is some good old rumbling, dark and heavy as fuck death metal that Tyrants Of Doom by SLAUGHTERDAY is. Get on it.

Next roundup will hopefully be a double, with releases from last week and this week.

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ARS ONIRICA – II: Lost[Doom Metal]Ardua Music

BEAK> – Kosmik Musik[Experimental/Krautrock]Invada Records

BETH ORTON – Weather Alive[Alternative]Partisan Records

BLACK BUDGET – Crown Of Misery[Heavy Rock/Punk]

BLODSKAM – Ave Eva[Black Metal]Suicide Records

BOUCLE INFINIE – Summit[Electronic]

CHILDREN – Counterfeit Fire[Experimental/Noise Rock]Rapid Eye Records

COLD GAWD – God Get Me the Fuck Out Of Here[Shoegaze/Alternative]Dais Records

COSMIC GROUND – Isolate[Ambient/Drone]

CRONE – Gotta Light?[Dark Rock]Prophecy Productions

DAUFØDT – Aromaterapi[Punk/Alternative]Fysisk Format

EXCIDE – Deliberate Revolver[Hardcore]New Morality Zine

EYESTABGUTS – Rajneeshees, Activate![Sludge Metal/Hardcore]

FRAYLE – Skin & Sorrow[Doom/Post Metal]Aqualamb

FREEDOM HAWK – Take All You Can[Heavy/Stoner Rock]Ripple Music

FRISK – Stalker[Hardcore/Punk]Iron Lung Records

GAEREA – Mirage[Black Metal]Season Of Mist

GEMATRIA – Gematria II: The Spindle Of Necessity[Experimental/Avant-garde]Nefarious Industries

GNASH – Shared Nightmare[Sludge Metal]

GUTVOID – Durance Of Lightless Horizons[Death Metal]Blood Harvest Records

HADOPELAGYAL – Nereidean Seismic End[Black/Death Metal]Ván Records

HARVEST OF ASH – Ache and Impulse[Post/Doom Metal]Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

HERSKER – Hudangst[Punk/Black Metal]Strange Aeons Records

INTENSIVE CARE – Antibodies[Noise/Power Electronics]Iron Lung Records

INTENSIVE CARE – That We Be Made Worthy[Industrial/Noise]Closed Casket Activities

INTRANCED – Intranced[Heavy Metal]

IŌHANNĒS – The Ocean[Black Metal]Syrup Moose Records

ÍSFJALL – Cryophilic Blackness Increase[Ambient]

KATHAARIA – To Be Shunned By All...As Centres Of Pestilence[Black Metal]

KEN MODE – Null[Noise Rock/Post Hardcore]Artoffact Records

LAST RETCH – Sadism And Severed Heads[Death Metal]CDN Records

LUNGTOUCHER – The Ninth Incantation[Black Metal]Death Prayer Records

MARISA ANDERSON – Still, Here[Experimental/Americana]Thrill Jockey Records

MISCREANCE – Convergence[Thrash Metal]Unspeakable Axe Records & Desert Wasteland Productions

MO'YNOQ – A Place For Ash[Black Metal]

MONASTR – On Your Knees[Doom/Post Metal]Counteract Recordings, SHOVE Records, Coups De Couteau, Insane Society Records, Dure Réalité, Nothing to Harvest Records, Fresh Outbreak Records & Malammòre DIY

MUSCLE VEST – Hot Hot Hate[Noise Rock/Post Hardcore]Prank Monkey Records

MUTATED VOID – Roses Forever[Hardcore/Punk]Iron Lung Records

ORTHODOXY – Ater Ignis[Death Metal]The Sinister Flame

OTUS – Torch[Post/Sludge Metal]Time To Kill Records

OVO – Ignoto[Noise Rock]Artoffact Records

PALE SKETCHER – Golden Skin[Electronic/Dream Pop]GIVE/TAKE

PETBRICK – Liminal[Experimental/Noise]Rocket Recordings

PIG – The Merciless Light[Industrial]Metropolis Records

PLANET HUNTER – Moscovium[Heavy/Garage Rock]

RAW BREED – Universal Paranoia[Hardcore/Punk]Convulse Records


SLAUGHTERDAY – Tyrants Of Doom[Death Metal]F.D.A. Records & Defying Danger Records

SLUG – Continuing Growth[Punk/Hardcore]Delayed Gratification Records

SONJA – Loud Arriver[Heavy Metal/Goth]Cruz Del Sur

THE COMET IS COMING – Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam[Jazz/Psych Rock]Impulse Records

THE SOFT MOON – Exister[Darkwave/Post Punk]Sacred Bones Records

TORNET – Domedagar[Heavy Rock]Majestic Mountain Records

VOIDCLAW – The Doomfuzz[Doom/Stoner Metal]

WRITHING – Of Earth & Flesh[Death Metal]Everlasting Spew Records

YANWYTYA – Through The Prism Of Flesh[Electronic/Industrial]Instruments Of Discipline